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Do what you gotta do!

Hello to you my beautiful readers!

Today, we are going to boost our mood to a better mood, why? because I say so!

No, seriously, today I want to talk about how to make decisions.

Personally, making decisions has not been very difficult for me; I don't know if it's a gift or if I just nurtured myself to it! But I am pretty good at making big life decisions and to be honest, many of them turn out to be good ones. I have made some creepy and regretful decisions too that I'm not going to talk about today. On this day, we will focus on how to make good decisions in your life!

The first thing that you need to consider in order to make an impactful decision, is to simply think about it. Hear me out when I say think not to overthink! Overthinking is a disease and as I said in one of my previous posts, the best way to deal with it is a distraction.

Now let's go back to simply thinking before you make a decision, how do we do that? let me start with an example. Imagine you would like to immigrate and live in another country. First, you need to realize what are your priorities? What outcome do you want this decision to bring for you? Let's say, I want safety, financial freedom, and a country that cares about human rights. Now you made the first step toward your big life choice.

The next step is nothing but R&D! Research and Development. In this day and age, we have the best tool for that, Google! Google everything, read every website, discover the truth about your choice, and make sure to keep notes of the most important things that you found about that choice, in here the country you're going to live in. Write it down and again think about it simply.

The third step is talking to experts. I myself believe that I am a good decision-maker, but what I also believe in is that in every situation that you do not know how to deal with, you should definitely talk to a professional who has worked in that case for many years or has made that same decision themselves.

But as a side note, not necessarily what he/she will tell you is 100% accurate, so don't think because he is an expert, he can foretell the future for you, as I always say, YOU are the only person that can decide what you are going to do in your life, in most cases of course, not all.

The fourth step, is the last one, make the damn decision!

Listen, if you sit there and wait for things to happen to you, guess what happens? NOTHING!

No one cares about your future or life unless you care about it first unless you love yourself and do something for yourself first.

If I said it before, I say it thousand times more, only YOU can change the course of your life!

I get it, it might not be as easy as this blog post to make a huge life decision, but you gotta start somewhere and keep the steps small. Our brains are made in a way that if you put too many responsibilities on them, they will try their best to get away from that situation, hence running away from making decisions. so how do we solve this issue?

Instead of saying, "oh I wanna immigrate to this country, it's so hard, so much work needs to be done...." only one hour a day, work on your decision. Search about it, talk to experts, think about it, do as little as possible for your decision, but don't sit around and do nothing! Doing even the smallest thing is better than doing nothing!

Good luck!



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