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That last 9 seconds...

Ok, so yesterday I was playing this game on my cell phone. It was a matching game and then it would give you some money to make some characters beautiful. Anyways the game gave me a notification about a challenge to match the red colors together and win a prize. I was just playing casually and I went on top and became the first!

Well, I was happy and I thought ok, no one is gonna win me over, I’m much higher than anyone else. So I quit the game, went and did some stuff, and hours later when I came back I was in fourth place. Kinda disappointed when I saw the first person was a couple of thousand scores more than me! But I just continued and with the hope to become first, I played and played until I reached the second.

Here’s how it works, you can only play a game for a certain amount of lives that you have, which is 5. If you lose 5 in a row, you’ll have to wait around 20 minutes to get 1 life so you can continue playing. Well, I kept losing and had to wait so many times before I could play.

Again, I got out of the game and we went out for a walk. When we came back, I played again and lost all my chances. The challenge time was about to end in 18 minutes and I had to wait 16 minutes to get another life to play. I came back 16 minutes later and I had only two minutes. I played that round like 10 times before and it was so hard to win it. But I said whatever, maybe I'll win this! I played and in a game that usually takes 3-4 minutes to finish, I made it in less than 2 minutes, and it was in the last 9 seconds that I ranked up the FIRST!

Can you believe it? I just ranked up at the last moment, in the last 9 seconds! And I felt so sorry for the second person. Cz probably she/he was waiting to get the prize until the last moment and imagine losing it in the LAST 9 SECONDS!

Now, why am I writing about this stupid game of mine?

Last night made me think about how life opportunities come and go for us. How we think we can’t do it and it’s too late, but they are just waiting for us to make it work, even if it is in the last 9 seconds!

I thought about all the opportunities that I could gain but lost, because I thought it was past due, and I realized how close and guarded I was.

We are all the same, or better say our brains work the same. We tend to think we can’t do it because it seems so unattainable, but why not try? Why not consider that our life can be changed only in the last 9 seconds?

So get up and get to it, you don’t wanna lose it, trust me!



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