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Money doesn't bring happiness!

No, you're not on the wrong side of the internet, because I hate this expression too!

Let me start by saying that this expression is almost always wrong because it has been proven that money does bring happiness. Of course, one would argue that "well if you're sick then money cannot help you!", but do you wanna be poor and sell your belongings to help ease your pain, or do you want to pay for your medicines without having the stress of becoming homeless?

To be honest, I personally do not believe that money is a bad thing. the only people who say that, are those that don't have it and don't seem to even try to have it. harsh truth.

Imagine in every scenario that exists, money can solve the problem or at least help reduce the consequences.

let me start by giving an example of my own situation. Currently, I am suffering from depression and its physical consequences. After I left that hellish company I was working for, some bad things happened to me. Aside from the depression that those motherf**kers caused me, my body triggered an old trauma from my childhood. See, when I was a child I hated cooked onion, but unfortunately, all my family's food contained onion, so I was finding onions and put them aside. some of my family members saw the opportunity to express their insecurities by making fun of me when I was eating. So I started eating less, in order to leave the table sooner and hear less of those bullsh*ts. This long-time mocking of my eating remained in my subconscious and last year when I was working at that company, because I was eating in a stressful situation and I was being watched and hated all the time, it triggered a condition in which I basically forgot the action of swallowing food! yeah, you heard it right, I cannot swallow even water without so much trouble. I have become better compared to the last year as I worked on myself for quite some time. However, I still cannot eat properly, so at the moment I feel like I need someone to talk to, a therapist that has years of experience in this stuff, and finding that kind of professional needs more than 200 bucks per session. Now I'm unemployed cause I am not mentally healed completely to start working, and if I don't work, I don't have money, and if I don't have money I can't go to a therapist to help me get along with this situation, and if I can't get along with this situation, I can't get a job! it's a perfect loop, therefore no money, no nothing.

Even if I have a job and work, I'm gonna get what? 24k a year? then what? we both work as husband and wife and bust open our asses just to buy a house in 50 years? like what is this? is this a joke? the government is getting massive taxes and we can't even afford to buy a house? I tell you what, either we should become rich, or we going to have to start a riot to increase the salaries, cause it's such a capitalistic society that is draining us drop by drop.

Now let's get back to the main point, "Money doesn't bring happiness"! well if you ask people who say this, "why don't you elaborate?", I'm sure they're gonna switch the topic. But I'm telling you that by becoming rich, most of your problems are gonna go away. I mean you should also keep in mind that becoming rich, has its own issues, cause people are assholes and they will find a way to rob you of your money, but with a bit of intelligence and having a good lawyer, that also can be solved.

In general, my blog is gonna be about how me, myself, and you can be rich by doing the things that we love in our lives. Because I believe that if you have passion for something in your life, you can actually monetize it with the right skills and knowledge.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you love gardening; this is something that you wanna do for the rest of your life, but obviously, gardening is not something that anyone can be a billionaire with. Now the difference between a 9-5 person and an entrepreneur lies in one step; If you can pass this level, you're probably going to make millions, but if you don't try and just wanna sit there and relax, well obviously you're not gonna be paid by sitting down. In this step, you should come up with ideas that can turn gardening into a money-making career, it doesn't matter if your idea takes 10 years to implement, the important fact is that it's going to work one way or the other. A great example of an idea for gardening came to my head a few days ago. I decided to plant some vegetables like bell pepper and tomato. I planted 6 seeds in a box and they all started growing in a few days. I planted them separately in 6 pots. They grew a bit more. that's when I realized planting veggies can actually be monetized. See, there are a lot of people that want to plant things but they don't have the time or the skills, you can plant multiple seeds and when they're in their harvesting season, you can sell each pot for a reasonable price. It might seem a stupid idea, but it might also work, and the good thing is that you can always keep them and harvest them for yourself. So it's an investment one way or the other. Feel free to use this idea for yourself!

In my future blog posts, I'm going to cover every job and every passion of people, and together we are going to monetize the heck out of them. With this in mind, we can do the things that we really love and you know what they say,

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"!

Give me your ideas in the comments, about what jobs should I write about!

later, alligator! :)



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