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How did I start blogging?

I remember when I was little, I used to glue small pieces of paper together and make a notebook, then I was writing made-up stories of princesses and princes living happily ever after, so I think it kind of was in my blood?! :)

A desk with a laptop on it, decorated with flowers in a glass jar

One day, in last summer, I got so frustrated from the pandemic, so I started searching about what is it that can cheer me up. I spent hours on the internet, almost gave up and wanted to close my laptop, nothing seemed pleasant, until in the corner of my eye I saw blogging!

that flicked a switch in my head.

so I searched and searched and realized this is actually a job!!! seriously something that I enjoy doing has become a job? what are the chances?

Designing my blog

Now I have my own space, a space that I can connect to people, share my thoughts, learn from them and enjoy what I like the best, writing!

It took me a while to know what I want from my website. I took a piece of paper, and started writing what I wanna say, what are the values I like to talk about, what is it that I want my readers to learn from me, and how can I be a positive force in everyone's life specially during this depressing times...

Then I found a blog host which was amazing!!! I designed my blog the way I wanted and let me tell you, it took me a centuryyyyy!

yep, well that's me, super picky when it comes to choosing something. but what I know about myself is that I will do it at the end, so it kept me going.

bluh, bluh, bluh, now I have my own space, a space that I can connect to people, share my thoughts, learn from them and enjoy what I like the best, #writing!

What makes this different?

Since I am the most professional and experienced writer in the universe (just kidding:)), I decided to add a tiny little section to my blog posts, story.

In the story part I will add new chapters once in while, so I can enter my imaginations to your head and connect you more to my thoughts! scary? don't worry I won't eat your brain:)

By the way, I am open to any ideas from my readers, so if you wanted me to write anything around YOUR imaginations, just tell me ;)

Last word

This is my opportunity to prove you I am worthy of your reading. I want to try my best to create a friendly and positive environment which is also exciting! I hope you like it, I hope I like it, I will read your comments and I will implement them as much as possible. love you, Saina.



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