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You're not happy? heh, loser!

Today, I did something that I was waiting to do for a long time. I didn’t like that thing but I had to endure it through its ups and downs because the ultimate goal that I needed to achieve from that thing, was a lot bigger and more important than the pain I was suffering.

During this time that I had the intention to get away with that thing, I was seeing so many texts on different social media about how you should live your best life and don’t care about any uncomfort that you already have, because life is the sum of all these bitter-sweet moments.

True, life is the sum of all the moments that you experience, it means whatever you do or feel when you are breathing. But that phrase should not make you think that you have to endure any traumatizing situation that you already have because it is some precious months or years of your life!

These pep talks are becoming annoying. They are supposed to make me feel energized and motivated, but all I get from them is a feeling of guilt and sadness. All I feel is that I am a naggy person and I cannot live a normal life like other people!

But you know what? No one in this world, not your parents, not your boss, not your most accomplished professor and not the president of the biggest nation in the world, have it figured out, have life figured out!

No one knows what they should do, no one can give you a script on how to live your life and what to choose for your future, everyone else is like you, trying to figure it out, and yet you think you’re below them and should listen to them because they pretend they have it figured out.

So let me tell you something, no one can ever tell you that this moment that you are suffering in it, is a part of your life and you should enjoy it!

You should hate that moment, fight it, and try to reject and pass that moment as much as you can, so you can reach the next moment that might be a better moment for you.

It is also true that some of us can’t leave that moment because there are bigger consequences, but really, we have one of the most developed brains among the living creatures, why not use it to our own benefit? Why not use it to find a way to get away with those horrible moments?

It’s the comfort zone I’m talking about and talked about in my Knock knock! Open the door! post.

This is YOUR life and no one can ever live it for you!

You gotta step up for yourself and use this opportunity that is given to you once, the way that you like it.

Also, we all know that we are living in a capitalist world where achieving your goals might not be easy, but who said you can’t try? And also, life experiences have proven to me that if you try, the universe will give it back to you, but if you sit there and try to find a happy moment in a miserable decade, well, the universe has more important things to do, to fix your situation for you!

So get up, and do the right thing! think!



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