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Knock knock! Open the door!

Hmmm, let’s see, as far as I remember, I was an ambitious person and I always believed and still believe that I am destined to be a great person and do some great stuff! But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU!

I don’t like to shout out and scream like all these motivational speakers on social media, that “Get up! Come on!! Move!! You shouldn’t be lazy! You are gonna win!!”

Bluh, bluh, bluh, yes these are good words, but only for people who are already motivated! Not for someone deep in depression because they have no purpose in life.

A friend of mine is now experiencing the same thing, depression because she feels unaccomplished and not appreciated by the so-called system around her. She feels alone and has lost her motivation completely and only lives to survive. As her BFF, I feel responsible and I don’t want to see her that way, so I try to keep her motivated until she finally figures out life. Let me also talk to you about what you should do!

First of all, remember that you are not forced to live your life a certain way. You can decide what to do with your own life (of course if you are not limited by family and society). But anyways, if you feel that your life is not what you want it to be, then what is stopping you?

Let’s think about it this way. Imagine you are in an empty room, there’s a door, but you don’t know where it leads. You can stay in that room for the rest of your life and most probably live the same life that you have, or you can get up, go to the door, open it and see what happens next.

True, behind the door there might be a deep-sea that you might drown, or a cliff that you can’t climb easily, But there is a chance that you also find secret heaven with pink and yellow flowers, butterflies flying in it, there’s all the thing that you wanted for your life, or it can lead to the path that you always wanted to be in.

But wait, you are still here, inside your empty room, sitting in the middle of it and staring at the door. You will never know what is behind that door unless you open it.

This is where you are right now, in your safe zone. It’s safe, it’s not stressful, you won’t hear anyone’s voice or see anyone’s faces, ever; it feels peaceful.

Enough with the side-talks, let’s face the reality, it’s not easy, not easy at all to leave this room. Trust me, I know how you feel when you are trying to step outside and you feel so scared that you immediately go back inside.

Now how do we defeat this beast of numbness and hopelessness?

You are lucky I have the sword!

The first thing that you need to do, is to buy a notebook, or use an old one, who cares?

Take a pen and start writing what you want for the future. I give you an example:

I want to have my own company, be a really cool CEO and give my employees lots of benefits. I want to make so much money to end the world's suffering and hunger. I want to have so much credit that when my name is mentioned somewhere everyone feels respect for me. I want to have the biggest house and I want to have even more houses for vacation in different countries. I want my own jet and boat and my own cars. Kinda materialistic but don’t worry I have also in my mind to establish a foundation for sick children and for abused women and men and who knows maybe even more.

I write it all down, every single thing that I want to do. Seems huge, doesn’t it? Because IT IS huge. That’s where you feel that you cannot do all these things and find staying in your safe zone, a lot more achievable than conquering the world. Because you're right and of course you can’t become a millionaire in one night. It’s impossible unless you win the lottery!

Now the secret, break it down, go from top to bottom. Now write what you need to do in order to get to that 10 million dollar house or that 8 million dollar yacht.

Getting back to my theory, I should work hard, invest my money, invest more, and earn so much money to get what I want.

Now let’s break it down more. What should I do if I want to earn money? And how do I invest?

Well, I need to find a job to save some money and I need to read books and information online on investment to learn the methods and succeed or even maybe fail, but the point is trying.

More breaking down, how do I get a job? How do I find books for reading?

Answer: search, search, search, search, search multiply 1000000 or even more. Study, educate myself on things. Ok, let's say I already knew investment is a good method, but how did I know? The answer is search! Just simply search for what to do to become rich. That’s where it starts, from the most stupid ideas of searching ever!

Break down more, oh wait, I just reached my own level! Looking for a job and reading online material? That’s me!

And my dear fellow motivation-needers, that’s how you can open that door. That’s how you are not going to be afraid because it is too small to be afraid of! Of course, this is not true for cockroaches, small or big, they’re creepy! :))

So, I gave you a hint of how to start to get out of that door and see what’s behind it. But it is YOU who can get up, go ahead, turn the doorknob and open the door to a world of possibilities.

From today after reading this post, opening that door is your responsibility and no excuses are accepted!

Knock! Knock! Who's there? Candice. Candice who? Candice door open, or am I stuck out here?

Ps: you’re more mature than that :))



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