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Become rich overnight

Contrary to the common belief, the secret to becoming rich, is not by buying bitcoins, investing, or buying stocks. As a matter of fact, investment is only to make you richer, not rich. If you don't have any money in your account, with what resource can you invest? and even if you have a bit of money and you wanna invest it all, it's not such a smart move to risk your life savings for something that is more or less like gambling.

Like me and many of you reading this post out there, we are living paycheck to paycheck, and even thinking about becoming rich and successful, is so far-fetched that we usually just prefer to live the way we do.

But in this post, I wanna show you, how can you change your mindset in order to be able to become rich with no money and where to start to become one!

The secret to becoming rich, believe it or not, is hidden in two simple words: Product and/or service.

Today's lesson is finished, and the class is dismissed!

Just kidding!!! We're just starting at the base. We are going to learn that every single rich person on the planet, has become rich by either offering a service or selling a product, or both.

Last night I was looking at the list of billionaires on the Forbes website. There are currently 2521 people who own a number of billions.

What I'm saying might seem ridiculous or a fantasy, but I believe that every single person on the planet is capable of becoming rich if they want to. Now, most of the rich people that we know started from the base. They all tell you stories about how they rented a garage and borrowed 300k from their parents or friends. But, here is the reality, most of us down here, can't even afford to pay our rent or provide for our families, and even if we can, there are not many savings left in our bank accounts to start a business with!

So what should we do? Will I ever become rich with nothing in my bank account?

The answer is YES, you can, and I'm going to teach you the valuable lessons that I've learned through my life experiences and my observations.

Step 1: Change your mindset!

Yes, it might seem so easy, but changing your mindset can be quite challenging. But having a negative mindset constantly, will eventually affect your life in reality, how?

When you are thinking negatively, at first it might just be a thought, something fictional that doesn't seem to become true. But, after a while, when you keep telling yourself, that "I am not good enough, No one wants me, No one loves me, No one cares about me, et Cetra", you'll come to believe those terms, and your performance decreases, hence, your real-life gets affected. The last one is kinda true though, no one really cares about what you're gonna do with your life. Everyone is so caught up in their own life problems, that they can't afford to be worried about someone else's life. So if you're waiting for a miracle to fall from the skies, I'm afraid you gonna have to wait forever.

Step 2: Make some time!

I don't blame you if you have a shit*y job, a di*khead boss, an annoying family, a toxic relationship, jealous friends, f*cked up country, a racist society, or any other situation that is colluding your mind. When something is on your mind and you can't get it off, it is super difficult to come up with creative ideas to change your life. Trust me, I've been there, and actually, it was quite recent, you can read about what happened to me in my blog post called "monsters in human customs".

There are two ways to deal with a situation like this;

1) The most straightforward way, is to leave that toxic environment whether it is your family, your job, or any other situation. You cannot possibly change people's behavior once they are all grown up. They are raised and nurtured this way and they might not even realize that they have toxic traits. You need to leave as soon as you can and let me tell you that your healing process does not start unless you completely cut ties with who or whatever is hurting you. Once you got out of that toxic environment, you might feel worse for a period of time, because you were so caught up in that horrible moment that you didn't realize how much it affected your mental or physical health, but it's only a matter of time until you get back on your feet again and beat that bad mood.

2) Although leaving a toxic environment is always the best way, not everyone can go with this method. In that case, the best way to deal with that situation is to tell yourself every single day, that it is not your fault if THEY are treating you wrong, and honestly don't pressure yourself to get their approval. They don't want your good work and effort, they just wanna simply hurt you and make you believe that you are not enough and the reason behind that, is that they feel threatened by you and your strong personality, so they feel the need to overpower you by bringing you down because they can't beat you with intelligence. At the same time try to dedicate at least half an hour a day to your big dream, I know it's hard but I'm sure it will be worth it when you achieve your goal.

Step 3: Find your goal(s)!

Now that you made up some time for yourself, it's time to find out, what do you want for your future?

Is it to be rich? Or to become a businessman/woman? is it to buy a house? is it to move to another city or even country?

it takes time to really figure out what you want to do with your life. But fear no goal. Dream as big as you want. Do not care if you don't have the means to get to your goal yet, let your mind be open and choose whatever it wants.

Remember that choosing a goal, does not mean that you absolutely have to stick to that goal for the rest of your life. Sometimes moving forwards with a simple goal, will slowly reveal the main goal that you really want to get to.

For instance, I have a dream to become a very rich businesswoman. Before making up my mind about this, I was considering becoming a singer, a content creator, or an engineer. My mentality was fluid and it was changing constantly, but I chose something that I knew I want so badly, becoming rich.

What is your current long-term goal? write me in the comments!

Step 4: Find your interest(s)!

Okay, maybe you ask, what do my interests have to do with my goals?

The answer is simple, in order to achieve your long-term goal(s), you need to work tirelessly towards them. Working in a job that you hate, or doing something that you have absolutely zero interest in, will only drain your energy and takes your motivation for granted. In order for you to be at your 100% capacity, you need to do something that counts as work, but you enjoy it so much that you don't feel a thing.

I'll give you an example. When I was in the last year of my bachelor's, I needed money so badly, so I started working as an English teacher, and an English translator, I also worked at some offices for a few weeks. I loved English translation but the other jobs didn't satisfy me. They didn't give me the feeling of joy and even though I only worked a matter of months for those jobs, I felt so tired and exhausted throughout the whole process. Then in the last semester of my studies, I decided to work for myself. I made an Instagram page and started assembling bracelets and necklaces, and I sold many online. I remember working till 4 a.m. for big orders, waking up at 9 to deliver orders, but I never felt tired, I loved it! I enjoyed every second of it.

That's what I mean when I say, explore your interests. How should you do that?

Well, start by writing down everything that you're good at and everything that you like.

Here is the list that I made for myself. For example, I like writing, planning, and decision-making, among other things. Then rate your skills and interests from 1 to 10 with 10 being the strongest. After you completed the rating, it is time to try them, maybe for a few days, maybe for a few months, as long as realizing if you like to do it or if you wanna try something else. You will never know for sure what will you enjoy the best, not unless you try it.

Step 5: Connect your goal to your current state of life!

Now how do we do that? I have a method for this stage and I call it reverse engineering. See, connecting what you're doing to what you are going to do next, might be a bit difficult. You can't always predict what is the next stage in your plan to reach your goal. So I have a solution that makes it a lot easier and more logical. instead of going from the bottom to the top, start from the top. I give you an example.

Let's imagine our goal is to become rich and our current state of life is unemployed with only 5000 bucks in our bank account. Instead of starting to think about what we should do after our unemployed state, we start from the top by thinking what is the last step before our goal. Look at the picture below:

As you can see, in this example we connected our goal to our current state of life by reverse engineering.

Step 6: connect your interest to your goal!

Now that you know your goal, your interest and you also have a plan to make your goal come true, it's time to connect your field of interest to your goal. For example, I like blogging and I want to be rich. So I create a website and I start writing about the things that I am passionate about. After a while when I gain enough traffic, I can use that traffic to offer products or services to my viewers on my blog/website. once I have enough money and/or resources/information to establish a company, I transfer my presence from digital to in-person, and then I can slowly but surely expand my business.

Although this is only one example of how you can turn things around, this method of progress is a proven strategy for growing a business and eventually becoming rich.

Now you might say, "what do you know about being rich? you are literally blogging with not enough traffic!".

Well, you might be right, but two things are worth mentioning.

One, everything starts with baby steps; You can't become rich overnight unless you win a lottery or have a super-rich uncle that didn't have any kids. If you sit stale and do nothing, only one thing happens, nothing! But if you start doing something, no matter how small that something is, you are walking towards your goal. Maybe you fail 100 times, but you'll gain so much experience along the way that will help you get through tough times in the future and enables you to overcome any obstacles.

Two, I might look innocent but I actually am not. Back in 2016, as I mentioned earlier, I created a small business out of literally 20 bucks. I bought little pieces of a necklace, made a necklace with them, took a photo, posted it online on Instagram, and sold my first product. Then I slowly learned to make other jewelry and took their photos and posted them online. It worked, and as a girl like me who had no money to even pay for a ride to the university, I managed to buy a top-notch cell phone, pay for my leisure and even lend money to my family members. So you can't sit there and tell me that you can't, cause I literally proved that it can be done.

Remember, if you're born poor, it's not your fault, but if you're living poorly, it is!

Don't forget to comment for me, what is your biggest most ambitious goal in life!



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