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Top 5 fun things to do in Tartu!

It is almost 4 and a half years since I moved to Estonia. I remember when the plane landed, it was raining; such a beautiful day and I was so excited to meet everybody!

I had my best days in this country and I love it. There are also some disappointments in the way, but in general, it's a great country to live in nowadays. The peace, the quiet, and a lot of friendly people who welcome you to their land and culture. Worth mentioning that the safety here is crazy high compared to most countries and I hope it stays this way.

As much as I love the peace here, the weather is a bummer! I know that Estonians also hate the long winter here and it was in 2020 winter that we had no snow and people were thrilled!

But don't let me even start on the most beautiful summers you have ever seen in your life! I live in Tartu and as much as winters hit my seasonal depression in the belly hard, the summers are literally perfect. We have the best weather and a great deal of nature in the city, yeah, believe me, in the city!

Tartu has a lot of trees and is basically 50% green and it makes the summers look wonderful. Wear some tops and shorts, jump into your sandals, grab an ice cream and just walk around the city and enjoy.

A few days from now is the new year of 2022. I really wish this is going to be a good year as all of us have been through a lot in the last two years. 3 to 4 months later and we are going to have the best summer ever! But meanwhile, in this cold dark winter, what we can do to enjoy our days?

Let's roll into the top 5 fun things to do in Tartu that can be done even during the winter!

1. Aura water park

Tartu is a small city and there is no amusement park around, but we have a big water park in the city center that if you have not visited, you definitely should! there are also a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, spa, and even water slides. The green one is the slow one, maybe you should start with that!

I'll add the link to their website so you can see the price list and hours. The amazing thing about this center is that you can almost go in any time in the day or evening and you can be there as much as your skin can handle the water and not go wrinkly! if you don't have a swimsuit or towel or anything swim-related, you can buy one from the center itself when you go there.

2. Going to movie theaters

I am in love with movies and it is my number one free-time hobby. The covid-19 situation stopped us for a while, but with vaccinations being done, you can easily show your covid pass and watch your favorite movies. Just make sure you have the vaccine certificate on your phone or printed on paper.

You can find the movie theaters in Tartu with this link and do not forget to sign up with your email, as it will give you discounts from time to time.

3. Escape room

I don't know if you're a fan of mysteries or problem-solving, but even if you're not, give the escape room a try. There are scary and non-scary types of escape rooms and it will challenge you a good way and let you know how good you are at thinking straight in critical situations. There are even escape rooms in English so anyone from anywhere can enjoy it! I'll add the link to an escape room that I recently visited and it was amazing!

4. Visiting the biggest shopping mall Lõunakeskus

It might not seem so interesting to visit a shopping mall, but trust me it's worth it! Lõunakeskus is a huge shopping center with different stores. you can almost find anything that you want, from clothing to decoration to food and services. There is also another movie theater on the second floor with lots of different restaurants and coffee shops next to it. But the most interesting part of Lõunakeskus is the hockey field. From time to time you can watch hockey teams play or you dance on the ice at specific times! You can also sit in the restaurants around the hockey field and have your meal while watching the game!

5. Visiting the old town of Tartu

One of the best aspects of Tartu is its old town. If any event is happening, it is happening there. you can find lots of restaurants and bars and roam around the alleys surrounded by old buildings and feel the warmth in the middle of the winter. Some bars even have karaoke nights every once in a while. Also, if you're lucky you'll find a coffee shop/bar that offers shisha with different flavors. Even walking in the alleys at the midnight is fun just to enjoy the peace and quiet at its best.

There are much more things to do in Tartu, I haven't probably figured them out yet, but I will, and I will keep editing this post with valuable information. If you found my post useful, give me your opinion and subscribe for free for future posts!

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