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Then vs Now

Hello to my beautiful readers. Today I want to write in the third person, like a story or something. I hope you enjoy it.

There was this girl that was lost for so many years in her life. She was little. She was surrounded by people, family, and friends, but she was inherently lonely. She was really smart and that made her stand out among her peers. But this wasn't good, being smarter than others, it makes you figure things out sooner than anybody else and when you're telling them what you got, they either will be jealous of you or they think you're weird, crazy, and made things up. So naturally, when she was put down so many times, she thought she was the one that had some problems. This went on until she was almost out of her teenage years. Life was hard on its own but her differences made it harder for her to blend in with others.

She tried so many times to adapt to that society, but it felt out of place, like trying to shove a watermelon in a glass jar. So one day, she decided that she needed some change in her life. She needed to explore new grounds and find the best version of herself somewhere else in the world. She packed her bags and ran away from home. She would have missed some of her family, but all in all, it was not worth it, the pain she was enduring was much greater.

She tried so hard to find a new life in a new place for herself. worked her ass off. but other things were at play. See, when you're a little girl in a big world, it's so overwhelming and devouring. It's not that it can be hard sometimes, it's that people around you make it harder for you!

She again, was faced with the same jealousy and the same accusations and looks from people, but this time from strangers. To be honest, she thought about ending her life sometimes, cz it was so hard to have to deal with so many stupid people every day and to endure them smashing their stupidity into her face and calling her out to be the stupid one, and she knowing they were not smart enough to be explained that they are the one that are wrong. But what would guarantee that she is going to get peace when it's over? That, and the fact that she wasn't that ballsy. She also would think about the consequences her actions would bring on her loved ones. She wouldn't be only ruining one life, am I right?

It was so exhausting for her to yet again, be surrounded by the very same people whom she ran away from; considering she tried so hard to get away from that kind of environment and get to this one.

Now comes today. She is sad, drained, and depressed. all the odds are against her and she feels lonelier than she has ever felt. Maybe one day she can finally find that inner peace. That's all she can hope for.



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