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Period, PERIOD!

Yeah, yeah, you probably got weirded out by the title, but hey, you're in my space and you know what you signed up for:)

Hello and welcome back to my weird lovely blog. Today's topic is obviously about periods. Now why am I writing this? cz I obviously am on my period and I need to talk about it for some reason I don't even know myself.

Let me start by saying "I hate my period!", to the point I have started to hate being a woman. Being a woman is not at all easy. Not only do we go through shit physically, but we also go through so many social dramas every day. Now let me elaborate. being a woman is fine until you reach the age of puberty. Pay close attention cz I say "Fine" not "great". At the time we hit puberty, all the problems start and it basically never ends. It starts with monthly cycles called periods, it's annoying, uncomfortable, and most of all painful, at least for many many women. Then comes the burden of having sex. Yes, believe it or not, it takes quite a long time to be ready for intercourse but also the first time is not a pleasant experience, but rather a bit painful and scary cz we all hear stories from our fellow women.

Then you soon come to realize that the whole physical burden of bringing a child into the world is on you, eg. pregnancy, giving birth, and the side effects of those two.

The first time I heard these, I was like "Why?". why would god put women through such horrible experiences while men can have the time of their lives? I never reached an answer to the point that I don't believe in god anymore. In fact, I started not believing in god after I was screaming in my bed of pain and begging him to help me but every time I got worse and had to go to the hospital.

Remember I told you that women are also having their social dramas every day? well maybe better call it patriarchy. Cz not only do we have to tolerate all this physical shit in our whole lives, but we also have to tolerate being put down by others, insulted, gaslighted, abused and so many other crappy shit every-single-day. It ain't easy, and we can't take pain better than men, we are just used to it. Like when you have this chronic knee pain and there's nothing doctors can do, you come to accept it and live with the pain, even though it still hurts like the very first day, but you're just tired of explaining it to doctors and people, so you just one day stop and die from inside.

I'm genuinely mad and sad, about the world that we're living in. I mean I get it, we've come a long way and created better conditions for women, but it's not fast enough and it's not good enough.

I just wish that society treated women fairly. You know we have enough shit to deal with physically, so when y'all behave us like crap, it takes a toll on us. and it's not only us that will suffer from its consequences, you will too! It's a loop. Some man at work will mess with your mother and then they come home and take it all out on you, they become quiet, detached, and sad, and then YOU feel sad cz you're not getting enough attention, and then you choose the wrong solution and take it out on another woman and the loop goes on and on and on, and that's why we all are in this fucked up society right now. No one is actually happy, no one cares about anything, and there's no sympathy, it's just about survival.

I wish we could do better, I belive we can do better.

take care, dearies;)


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