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I hate being a woman…

Hi there, again long time no see, but whatever, i always come back sooner or later!

Today i wanna talk about being a woman and how much i hate being one. Don't get me wrong, i don't hate other woman, and also i don't feel like I'm in the wrong body, I just hate the biological aspect of a woman's body.

Since many years ago that my period started, i have been through so much. My period has in literal sense taken complete control of my life. I can't travel easily on my period, I can't work whether itself physical or mental, I can't even take a toilet break, cz every time i get up and go to toilet, i have to endure more pain on the way back to the couch, where my hot water bag, my blankets and pills are.

I have been to many many doctors, specialists, gynos, and non seems to be able to find the root of my problem. Every month is like a nightmare when my period dare is getting closer. I have to expect 10/10 pain, sometimes throwing up, and of course loads of crying of pain while I'm almost overdosing on paracetamol. I have been also to emergency room countless times, even had to call ambulance 3 times in order for them to administer some painkillers by injection, cz i was hurling on the floor and couldn't take my pills.

So yeah, being a woman fucking sucks. And please don't come to le with this shit that "our bodies are so amazing that can create life"!, well all yours, i don't want kids, i don't wanna have to go through so much pain while men will have absolutely zero pain in their lifetime! Why can't i be like them? Why can't i start my day without a crazy shift in my hormone levels? I'm tired of this man, i am so tired that I'm thinking about hysterectomy, i want it out, i want it gone, it's a useless, pain inducing, hormone manufacturing, mood changing, trouble making organ, which will stab you in the back anytime it can! And that is why i hate my woman body!

I don't believe in god, I believe in evolution, and i will send all the horrible wishes to whoever or whatever made us this way, always suffering and suffering and pain and suffering!

Obviously i'm so angry cz i'm on my fucking period, and my hormones are making me go above and beyond, of course after enduring 4 hours of straight 10/10 pain while i was on pain medication. So like maybe i delete this later, maybe not. Either way, enjoy reading my madness talk and have a great new year!



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