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Russia's invasion of Ukraine

yep, we all know why we're here, we're here to chant and express our concerns about this terrible news!

I myself am very agitated; not only because I am worried for Ukrainian people and soldiers but also because I am worried that it will escalate to world war 3!

one of my readers told me a few weeks ago that he is worried about a possibility of a WW3. I kinda think he's very smart or has very good analytical skills, cause he kinda warned me that way before this shit started.

But as I told him then, I'm telling you now, world peace is something great, it is something that has been obtained by the hard work and blood of our older generations. people have seen enough cruelty and pain and they don't have the mood and energy for another world war.

to be honest I think Putin has gone mad. I think at the age of 69, he should be putting his affairs in order and get ready to fly to the other realm if you know what I mean!

so two things I would like to talk about now. first, trust me when I say that the whole world is against Russia! no one in the world except Putin and some of his people wants the peace to be disrupted. Ukrainian people are valiantly fighting for this peace and freedom on behalf of all of us and even if we can't fight directly or help in any physical way, there's one thing we can do for sure which takes me to my second point, let's try to stay positive! I know, it's very difficult to stay positive in this situation, but let me give you an example to get this better.

imagine you are about to give a speech to a huge crowd. there are two possibilities that can happen for you, either you man up and put yourself together and give a great confident speech, or you get scared to death and your knees and voice start shaking and before you know, your speech is doomed.

if we keep saying that "oh my god, we're finished", "oh no the world war is coming...", "it's gonna be a nuclear war and we all are going to die", the only thing that happens is creating excessive stress and fear for those who are now defending this peace to prevent these outcomes!

Russia might be a big and powerful country, but it cannot stand against the whole world, we are all defending peace and freedom at all costs and cruelty never stays in place.

stop reading the news unless necessary, block all toxic people and try to think and act positively until this menace of society stops acting like a two-year-old chanting to gain more attention and toys.

be safe!



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